How Cannabis Infused Drinks Became Popular_ 5 Reasons People Like It

Cannabis infused beverages are becoming increasingly popular as more innovative products start hitting the shelves. From edibles to beverages, finding your vibe goes beyond the Summer of Love. 

North Canna’s Cannabis Infused Seltzers have been a go to option for various reasons. Not only does it contain 2.5 mg ∆9 THC per can but we took it up a notch and infused 5 mg of CBD to give North Canner’s a unique vibe that can’t be found anywhere else! 

  1. North Canna Delta 9 THC Infused Seltzers Are Hangover Free

That’s right… HANGOVER FREE! 
Have you ever said…
“I’m only going to have 2 cocktails max tonight. I have to wake up tomorrow for a yoga class”
“I’m not going out tonight. I need to take a break from the alcohol and it’s not going to be fun”
“Everyone is going to be drinking and I don’t want to feel like a debbie downer for only having one cocktail” 
Trust us, we’re all been there. North Canna’s Cannabis Infused Seltzers are designed to eliminate the social stress so you can be in control of your  vibes while still having a good time! 
And the best part? You’ll wake up the next morning ready to take on the day! 

  1. Zero Calories and It Still Tastes Great!

Count your vibe not the calories! Choose from 3 sessional flavors

NORTH Vibes Raspberry Lemon ∆9 THC Sparkling Water

NORTH Vibes Pineapple Orange ∆9 THC Sparkling Water

NORTH Vibes Blackberry Mango ∆9 THC Sparkling Water

Or pick up a party pack and share with your friends

NORTH Vibes THC Sparkling Water - Sampler Pack

  1. You Are In Control Of Your Vibe

If you’re new to cannabis infused concoctions or looking to not take a guesstimate on how much of the brownie you should be eating, North Canna’s Cannabis Infused Seltzers are your new go to! Each can contains a low dose of Delta 9 THC and effects can be felt in 15-20 minutes. You can pace your sips until you find the vibe you are looking to achieve.

  1. Be Social Without FOMO! 

Don’t be that guy who has to walk away for a quick smoke break. Or the mom who cannot wait for the soccer game to end so you can destress from what already feels like a never ending day. Pop open a NORTH Vibes THC Sparkling Water and enjoy the moment (responsibly of course! Don’t drink and drive.)
  1. Awesome Founders!

Co-founders Brandon and Mike grew up in Maple Grove, MN, and have known each other since middle school. They've always had the entrepreneurial spirit, and initially started developing a CBD sparkling water product in 2018 on nights and weekends. Since then they have continued to expand NORTH Canna product offerings with the mission of creating unique and innovative cannabis products. 

North Canna Co. offers delicious hemp-derived THC and CBD sparkling waters and gummies made with fast-acting, water-soluble hemp extract. Find your vibe today!